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Heads Up Decoy can prove to be a vital part to success in the desert SW. Tyler Wilson from Carlsbab, NM has been using Heads Up Decoy for several years now. I had chosen to leave my bow at the truck even though I had another tag burning a hole in my pocket. 2013: Matt Dorram with the giant prairie buck. charged at me but at six yards he figured out I wasn't the intruder he thought No longer do you have to worry about drawing at “just the right second”. As we progress as hunters, we often look for new challenges and excitement to keep us coming back for more. $74.99 $ 74. Weighing less than a pound, the durable Heads Up Decoy Cow Elk Decoy allows you to stay mobile with the effectiveness of a handheld decoy. Join the Revoluion. As low as $74.99. A college football player and his dad share a hunt and take two of the …, A new ground strategy proves deadly, resulting in the author's most exciting hunts and biggest …. 7. AIM SMALL MISS Their partial-body silhouette decoys weigh less than a pound and fold up when needed.Heads Up decoys are designed to be versatile and effective in all phases of the season. $74.99 $ 74. Montana Decoys also make the aforementioned elk rump, which has a dedicated following among archers. The first, I utilized the decoy to get in Well year after year looking on social media I would always No longer do you have to say “I just needed 5 more seconds,” the Stalker Decoy allows you to hold their attention for those few more precious seconds. One of which being a deer that we nicknamed high tine which We are the pioneers of light weight and mobile bowhunting decoys. Thank you, Garret Roe, and the HUD TEAM! crazy product was going to WORK??!!!! Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. SMALL he went 20yrds and did the dirty dance. Get control of your next hunt to have the most intense bow hunting encounters that are unique to the Heads Up Decoy line of products. 2010: Kent holding the decoy as this buck postured in. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Heads Up Decoy Cow Elk . As the hunt had just began to go south, it had changed in a glance and I was standing over my first DIY Public Land Nebraska Rio! As I approached the thicket a bird gobbled. Not just a few good deer but everyone was killing a trophy. The only spot I had to setup was in front of a cedar tree which was surrounded by saplings. tag was notched. 99. It was elk hunting adventures that got Heads Up Decoy thinking about decoys. The Cow Elk Decoy is Heads Up Decoy's flagship decoy and set the tone for all our handheld decoys in the Heads Up Decoy line. our second morning sit on a feedlot with no action, I talked to my friend Handheld in their original form, Heads Up Decoys have morphed into a system that covers practically every archery hunting scenario and tactic, as well as pioneering new ways to archery hunt elk, deer, and turkeys. FREE Shipping. The guy that we were hunting with was Never sit behind a decoy and always transport them broken-down and tucked away. and bam the big boy stood straight up and started coming right at me...why I dropped to my knees, showed them the Heads Up Decoy, and threw a few soft yelps their direction. Keeping Not Weighing only 2lbs. Heads Up Decoy Cow Elk . Showing 1 Item . Moments later I was standing over my first Nebraska turkey! Heads Up Decoy - Hays, Kansas - Rated 5 based on 41 Reviews "My hunting partner and I have been using the cow elk HUD since 2012. Trust us, you won’t regret it! We worked on this buck. 6. The next few days began to almost run together as we walked countless miles, either bumping birds that wouldn’t gobble or birds on the roost flying down and heading to private land. line. The following are the accounts and encounters, as told by Ryan Staab, during a recent interview about his hunt while using a. traditional set up. Do you have a story? Within minutes, the big tom took notice of the intruder across the field and quickly made his way towards Ryan, gobbling and strutting with each step. recurve to try and put a tag on my first turkey with traditional archery equipment. Looking back at me he said, “That’s just not right!” He was in total disbelief. found a long beard with a couple hens working up a small coulee. Heads Up Decoy, Hays, Kansas. 6.1K likes. 3 weeks out I finally said what the heck lets buy some FREE Shipping. Camo-Up Face Paint, Dark Green/Light Green/Brown, 3 Pack. I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping and stepped out of my small popup camper. 10:30 that morning, I was on my way out to look for a bird I could put the HUD Heads Up Decoy, Light weight mobile, bow mountable big game and turkey decoys. Knowing that the archery tackle might not be the best option in the heavy winds, Ryan grabbed his shotgun and his Heads Up Turkey decoy and made the drive to his family farm. So, we each bought one. my head up I kept glassing and searching finally an ear tip moved in a big GR Heads Up Decoy. I was. Must have for any archery elk hunter. Heads Up Decoy, without a doubt is the most versatile decoy/product on the market today. They spotted the decoy from 200 yards and they came in on a string! Killer Gear AntelopeFan Collapsible Antelope Decoy . As he made his way closer to the group of turkeys, he held the decoy in his left hand to cover his approach towards a nearby row of round bales. Ultimate Predator’s line of Stalker Decoys are an essential part of your hunting gear. Heads Up Decoy Cow Elk Decoy, Brown. If you need a decoy, Montana Decoys, $100-$110, are made of polyester and feature a spring steel band inside the body that folds up but can be erected instantly. Well to my surprise the HUD was awesome. birds had already broken up from most of the feedlots. By My buddy ended up killing a Heads Up Decoy, Light weight mobile, bow mountable big game and turkey decoys. HORN HUNTER Butt Head Decoy – 3D Elk’s Face Will Not Leave Elk Indifferent! The arrow seemed to be in slow motion as I watched it disappear in the tom. drastically to a run-and-gun approach. According to Ryan, hunting from a ground blind was starting to get old and it hindered the hunt by having to bring so much gear into the field. Heads up Decoy is excited and proud to be attending and a sponsor of Elk101.com first annual Elk Hunting and Country Music Event July 30 in Nampa Idaho. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. You’ve heard the results, you’ve seen video and now you’re ready to buy. by using the decoy on two more birds. The day before the hunt we decided we were going to stay the Even though it was almost two weeks into the early archery season, I didn't care, I was happy to be here! He has generously offered a story of is buck he took a couple years back with the H.U.D Mule Deer Buck Decoy. Without the New posts will not be retrieved. terrain and shadowed him using the decoy until I was able to get a shot off. This is promotional video of the Heads Up Elk Decoy in action. Be Mobile...Stay Mobile. Cow Elk Decoy – Handheld Elk Head Make You To Control The Situation Not An Elk! At the advice of our Now or never I picked the HUD up and went to stalking. The first morning was a little disappointing, as I only heard one gobble and it was on private. Designed not to weigh you down or tie you down. They come to the heads up decoy with you holding the head on a stick. The image I saw after that moment will forever be ingrained in my memory. Increase your chances of calling and decoying elk in the timber by utilizing an ultra-real, easy-to-carry elk decoy. As low as $109.99. Six days after I had taken my first turkey, I found myself in a thicket; I had heard several birds fly down into it that morning. -Heads Up Decoy (elk head) -Contour HD Video Camera-2009 Sitka Bivy 45 Pack-Elk101 prize package consisting of Game Bags, Elk Calls, Wind Detectors, and more! around. For more information about Heads Up Decoy or to purchase any of our mobile decoy products visit. Got on a group of antelope today using the heads up decoy. Early December we finally found a couple bucks that were on couldn’t this be opening morning. If you’re and elk hunting nut then you’re not going to want to miss this. 4.1 out of 5 stars 9. Ground level displays of dominance proving to be insufficient to drive the intruder away, the big bird jumped on top of a nearby round bale to gobble at Ryan. Montana Decoy Miss September Feeding Elk – The Feeding Pose Is What Elk May Be Interested In! Heads Up Decoy. FREE Shipping on orders … knowing this buck was going to be taken we patterned this deer as much as looking through the binos I finally spotted some doe in a thick catclaw brush Dalton spent several days in the field and passing on several smaller bucks earlier in October, but the first part of November brought another father-son HUD adventure, for Dalton and me, into the Kansas prairie. Elk Decoy, Whitetail Deer Decoy, Muledeer Decoy, Antelope Decoy. Most effective, versatile, and portable decoys on the market. Last but not least, Heads Up Decoy makes hunting more fun and exciting. Heads Up Decoy Designed not to weigh you down or tie you down. There may be an issue with the Instagram access token that you are using. For his story, Tyler will receive a Heads Up Decoy prize pack. The birds cautiously walked away, but didn’t give him time to nock another arrow. My friend Kent running the decoy as his hired hand was the shooter. area with all the doe. Click on Heads Up Decoy Logo above to view website. No longer do you have to deal with that bull elk holding up at 70 yards because he can’t see what is making the … The Elk Decoy weighs in at 9.9 oz with a collapsed dimension of 10 inches. Heads Up Decoys are the only decoy on the market that can help you get in quietly, hunt aggressively, and keep you mobile for this type of hunting technique. mesquite. I can’t wait until this coming month It was the second to last day of Spring turkey season and the howling Kansas winds were relentless, to say the least, but Ryan wasn’t going to just sit at the house. Heads Up Decoy Designed not to weigh you down or tie you down. This gives you the confidence to go after that buck in any situation. wanted to say and we'll just leave it at that. front of the tom and his hens and waited him out. pattern. Get control of your next hunt to have the most intense bow hunting encounters that are unique to the Heads Up Decoy line of products. After getting to about 70 yards they started getting up and stomping the ground to work on. We have people run small pine branches up the pocket of the decoy as well. I couldn't say what I Zach Bowhay and team walk you through proper decoy placement, from the elks perspective. I would be hunting with two good friends and Good Luck. When I finally The loops are a good idea and something I have been considering making for the elk decoy. The farthest shot I could get would be 15 yards to my left. After hours and hours of granted permission on several farms with plenty of ground for us to hunt. The bird was cautious, slowly walking looking for any excuse to flee. 30..25…. 400yrds off the road heck I’ll give it a try and see if I could lure him in. All our styles can help YOU be confident and more successful, while providing bowhunting moments that are unique to Heads Up Decoy. Bad mistake on my part. To purchase a weapon mounting system click the button below. We arrived realizing spring was a little ahead of schedule and the Tyler Wilson with a great NM Muledeer buck. They only stopped for a few seconds to look, and then continued on their way down the ridge. New posts will not be retrieved. No longer do you have to wait for the animal to clear a tree or bush. He Key features we love about our patented Stalker Decoys: We feel confident our decoys are going to be a game changer. 4.1 out of 5 stars 9. and I HAVE MY HEADS-UP DECOY READY!!! This bird, like the first, I came to full draw as he strutted into my 15 yard shooting lane. if it was the 1. started to just walk to him with the decoy. At this point I had to bite my tongue. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. Simple theme. Spots that once had 200 Most effective, versatile, and portable decoys on the market. 99. For Royle's contributions: He received a slick H.U.D Hat and T-Shirt. They let me crawl right up to 40 yards. December and January is prime time for states like Arizona and New Mexico. Since it was in all the pictures he had posted. 4.3 out of 5 stars 103. Finally, I had to You are not married to one way of using it…and that includes taking the decoy and not using it. It is realistic, light weight, and effective. Sometimes it’s best to mix things up, get off the beaten path, and do something out of the ordinary because the reality is, life is too short to have boring hunts. You now can present the visual to go with the sound. call him up and see what the big secret was and really see if the HUD was If you answered yes to either of these questions, spot and stalk deer hunting with a Heads Up Decoy should be part of your future hunting plans. Click on Heads Up Decoy Logo above to view website. Cut milo field. He was only 100 yards or so away, and if this was going to work, I had to get setup now! They are designed to take to the field every day of the hunt. If so, email us at. 2015: Charging Buck. If … Recently, I had the chance to experience an adrenaline rush like no other while archery hunting the eastern plains of Colorado and it was a day that I … at 12 yards’...yea 12 yards...I ranged him I had to let the arrow fly!!!! Like most Heads Up Decoy: Bow Hunting Decoys for Elk, Antelope, Muledeer, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, and more. Hunting the pre-rut with decoying and calling set ups are a great way to score early season success. No longer do you have to say “I just needed 5 more seconds,” the Stalker Decoy allows you to hold their attention for those few more precious seconds. 8. received my HUD in the mail I couldn’t wait until January 1 to see if this The spring of 2016 found me traveling to Nebraska with my Heads Up Decoy also allows you to take advantage of tracts of land that you thought were not suited to be hunted. I could hardly believe it but after a year of planning and studying maps, I was finally here in Nebraska. It was obvious that this gobbler was extremely fired up and ready for a fight. Would have been an easy 25 yard shot After a few soft calls, the bird appeared directly in front of me a mere 30 yards away, but I didn't have a shot. My brother, having only heard my tails of how well the decoy worked, was soon taken by surprise. With the Stalker Decoy, you’re now able to shift your position for the perfect shot, rather than waiting for them to move. Use it for setting up a calling scenario for a partner or for hunting solo and planning an aggressive approach when closing the gap on … What the heck I thought let’s see what this buck would do if I Heads Up Decoys Clamp. 4.1 out of 5 stars 2. this useful tool at home regardless of hunting with my compound or my Designed to offer you a hands free option for decoying your targeted species. — Brandon, AZ. I have a TAG, A Giant Found plus some other that I would gladly notch my tag on or more birds the week before now only with a handful. Refine . Heads Up Decoy, Hays, Kansas. Shed Hunting and Scouting for Whitetail Bucks, Ryan Staab's Spring Gobbler Success With Heads Up Turkey Decoy, Desert Mule Deer Hunting with Heads Up Decoy, First set up of the year screen capture Click to enlarge, Heads Up Turkey Decoy shown with Bow Mount, Simulating a tom coming in and out of strut, Bird pictured with all the essential equipment, Ryan capitalized with the Heads Up Turkey, 2015: My Brother Jeff was running the decoy as I buzzed an, 2008: My good friend and cerified killer, Kent, was with. Not knowing if there was a buck with them I decided to walk out to them 99 ($1.00/Item) Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. 2016: Holding the decoy as my friend Nathan whizzed the arrow by my ear. His heart was pounding so hard he couldn’t hold the pin on the gobbler and skipped an arrow over its back. The animals expect movement when they see the Stalker Decoy, and they don’t spook nearly as readily as without the decoy. took his doe to a piece of private property. 49. Heads Up Decoy Cow Elk Decoy, Brown. In order to bag a bird, we would need to change our tactics Now, this isn’t where the story ends, it’s just getting started. As low as $139.95 Regular Price $149.95. He finds it much more enjoyable using the Heads Up Decoy due to the freedom and mobility with this particular style of hunting. Never again, will I leave The Heads Up Decoy (HUD) once again proved to be a “go to” method for the 2012 archery deer season. When the long beard made it to the edge of the pond, he flew across, landed and made his way towards the row of bales. Eventually, he pulled out the My goal for the day was to cover as much ground as possible, locate some birds, and maybe get lucky in the process. basically laughed in my face and said, "how are you going to run-and-gun 2012: Matt and Lucas Palmquist with 2 great mulies they shot in the same field. Copyright 2016 Smoky Hill Hunting Products, LLC. Having hunted the property for many years and knowing the general lay of the land where the turkeys might be roosting, he took to a high vantage point and glassed the landscape below. Heads Up Decoy is deadly when there are two people working together. Head up decoys (mule deer buck). Knowing they were probably a little intimidated by the mature fan I had on my Heads Up Decoy, I decided if they weren’t coming to me I’d go to them. After Over the next couple of days, I continued to stun my friend Keeping the Heads Up between them and me, I headed straight for them. As low as $74.99. It could be an open grass field or an old draw that is tough to access undetected. We are the pioneers of light weight and mobile bowhunting decoys. within minutes the buck b-lined it to me. Having someone to experience a hunt with Heads Up Decoy helps keep the memories alive and furthers the bowhunting bond. see Patrick Montgomery and his clients kill big deer year in and year out!!! I reached out to Heads Up Decoy to ask about the big hype. things in the world to do is sit in a turkey blind when there's no turkeys Our Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose, and Turkey decoys are designed to be Mobile, lightweight, packable, and durable. My bother and another friend had joined me on this trip. Shortly after getting set up on the afternoon hunt, Ryan spotted a group of eight hens and a lone tom in the creek bottom, so he began to devise a plan for a stalk. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Are you ready to change the way you hunt forever? 6.2K likes. The RMEF Cow Elk decoy is great throughout the season. This decoy is a decoy that is ready on demand and built for the rigors of your next bowhunting adventure. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. good 10 point because of the HUD as well. concentrating my efforts on feedlots as the birds were still in a late-winter Ryan Staab of Kansas found himself in this exact scenario last season when it came to chasing Spring gobblers. $54.49 $ 54. 2nd Place:-Featured webisode on Elk101.com-Konus 3-9X32 Riflescope-Sitka Celsius Vest (Optifade Open Country) Heads Up Tom Turkey Decoy. Getting ever so close to the 20 yard mark he stopped; He laid eyes the Heads Up! Instead of sitting in the same blind over and over again, Ryan chose to get eye level and was able to put an exhilarating approach back into Spring turkey hunting. If you are looking to experience the most exciting turkey hunt of your life, leave the ground blind at home and pick up a, Ryan received a Heads Up Decoy Hat and T-shirt for allowing us to share his story. possible but with this hunt being in rut we knew he would be somewhere in the $11.99 $ 11. Bowhunting is about making memerois as much as anything. Swooping down from the round bale like a hawk from the sky, the bird landed and skidded to a stop at a mere FIVE heart-pounding yards away. I was not happy about this setup to say the least, but it’s all I had. He also finds it very rewarding to kill turkeys in an up-close, eye-level encounter which keeps him coming back for more each Spring. These elk are pretty easily fooled but I think the key a somewhat realistic … I didn't take me long; I 2013: Good friend David Gillan. local friend, we decided to stick it out on the feedlots; he assured us we plat book and showed me the property boundaries for the farms we could hunt. 5. would have opportunities however, in my personal opinion, one of most boring With hundreds of yards between him and the birds, his plan was to sneak through the CRP to conceal his movement and to close the distance in hopes of getting a shot. Weighing less than a pound and collapsible, this is a … Finally, after 20 minutes of a stare -down he night out in the area we were watching all the bucks. Later that afternoon at another location I loaned my Heads Up Decoy to my brother. They come right in to the montana too though many times I set up the Montana where the head will be shielded by a tree. had finally arrived. HUD decoy, this trip probably would have been dismal. Sadly, I missed him as he was leaving. really the big deal. This is me doing my happy dance because of your decoy! The HEADS-UP DECOY did its work!! Every hunter seemed to be hunting the same area by now it seemed. Heads Up Decoys weigh less than a pound, have exceptional graphics, and are incredibly durable. $24.99 $ 24. The big 4 point was mine and my Thanks for all the support and I am very happy people have had success and have found other ways to make it work for your personal application. the buck-it-list. We've killed some animals together.

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