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Find this and other Arduino tutorials on } Install “ARDUINO – BLUETOOTH 8 CH.”. UPC: 6952131723119 Product ID: 11091673364 Variants ID: 45099713492. I picked this one because it had and inline switch for safety. Finally cover all connections so that nobody can accidentally touch the wires. So Arduino is a microcontroller that you can program to do tons, […] MENU; Submit Video. allOff(); You can use for control the Arduino’s Pin13, Pin12, Pin11, Pin10 and continue in these form. So to combat this I unscrewed the screw all the way and tilted the board so the tab would fall out. for(int x = 8; x > 2; x=x-2){//rewind counter r I ended up remaking the box with solid state relays. If not you could get some name brand controllers which are more expensive but a lot easier to do. flashW(); } You can control your 8 channel relay card over internet/network with Arduino and Android App. allOff(); Last the green wire to the ground on the ground on the outlets. Demonstration Video and complete code for Arduino Relay Control is given below. int relay4 = 5; for(int x = 3; x <= 9; x=x+2){//counter w This is a 5V 8-Channel Relay interface board, Be able to control various appliances and other equipment with large current. pinMode(relay3, OUTPUT); Reply int relay3 = 4; allOff(); I was looking for a simple example of code and connection diagram to test my relay board. We use ESP8266-01 WiFi module for wireless comminication. Anand October 23, 2019 . Arduino – Bluetooth 12 Channel Relay App by TayfMavi I know the same company that makes these 8ch relay boards also makes 16 channel boards. This is code for 4 to 16 channel 5V Relay module for Arduino In this video you will learn the details description of 4 Channel relay module. Rcounter(); allOff(); // Use this each time you want switch all the lights off. for(int x = 2; x < 10; x=x+2){//counter r Relays are suitable for driving high power electronic devices such as lights, electric fans and air condition. } ... Arduino Code. Yay, What’s an Arduino. } Share it with us! allOff(); pinMode(relay6, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(relay5, LOW); 5 years ago. } modules. delay(timeC); Now that our hardware is all set up, let’s take … Wow! AlternateColors(); To connect all the hot wires together I used a terminal block which made it easy. void Rcounter(){ Code // Arduino Relay Control Code . How to use this relay with 4 wires Chapters of this video delay(timeC); Each relay will turn on for 5 seconds and then will turn off. This was a simple extension chord that i found in Meijer. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by a separate low-power signal, or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal. flashR(); The colorful wires go to the arduino. Arduino; ESP8266-01 WiFi module (If you need update your ESP8266 Firmware please check we ESP8266 Firmware update page) ... Arduino shield Proteus PCB, Arduino code. Relay output maximum contact is AC 250V 10A and DC 30V 10A. Then I put the screw back in and it made a big difference in the strength of the connection. on Step 5. what if we want to add a password for the bluetooth connection and easily change the password? Application from Google Play Store: This was awesome!Thank you! int ch=4; // number of relaysint relay[]={2,3,4,5}; // pin number of relays int wait=2000;int i=0; void setup() { for(int i=0; i

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