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can you offer the price for me.TQ. i have 2006 hyundai accent parked in my car park fully alright with nice rims and just its being parked for over a year without drive car is perfectly okay just service and drive but i am leaving Malaysia in 1 week time finished with my education selling it out. Engine is good but body is not. Thx. 1. What is the estimated scrap price? I need to know how much will you take Wira 1.5 Manual, Sedan year 2000, car ok only need to touch up the paint. Thank you. Hi, Thank You. Malaysia scrap buyers who are verified by RIM will have a “RIM Verified” Icon. I have a very old volvo to be scrap. I have a Wira and a Kancil both are 20 years old. I hv a suziki 8occ motorcycle year 1987 .want to dispose. You can sort the scrap metal scrap buyers from malaysia by Trust Marks, RIM Verified, Posted date etc. pls reply ya thank u! Dear Mei, The car can is working just that the battery is weak Can you please kindly advise on the procedures, documents needed and quote. thanks, Dear Ahmad, Hi, Can you please let me know how much it is worth of? Car in Shah Alam. Hi, I have a Wira Auto running condition, year 1995 wish to scrap it. Could you please give me the number of the nearest car scrap dealers to contact with ?? First inline car purchase- I would recommend i would like to know whether your company is interested to make it a scrap car. I have a Atos 1.0GLA Auto 2003. I have a 50 inch Samsung plasma tv that is no longer functioning due to some electrical shock. Thanks! How much can I get and what are the procedures to write off and scrap? Kindly check your inbox for your enquiry.for more detail please feel free to contact us at 0193155261. The car had been stranded at my condominium car park in Puchong for past 8 months due to alternator failure as a consequence of oil leaking from engine. However, the process is very simple and the dealers will guide you through it. I have a 30 years old Datsun Pulsar which is still running condition. When you put up your Car in the scrap market, the dealer typically takes the registration number and check out the Car. It belongs to my lately father. Thanks. Dear Kevin, Please chk your inbox.thanks. Previously involved in a flood, engine suffered water damage. How / what to do next ? They come and investigate the condition of the Car and they will give you an appropriate quote. Please contact me please. Car is in running condition. 87% Upvoted. Thank you. I have a 1997 Fiat Coupe which I wish to scrap. Please check your inbox,thanks. If the tires are in good shape they are taken for reuse. to scrap the car do I need to present my car registration card, as I had miss place my car card. Dear Rahmat, Aircon working. Year 1994 i have wira SE2004, but now roadtax due. hi , I have a proton in running condition but it’s old .i would like to send off as scrap car. Mahathir said he wanted to scrap the project as part of an effort to review major infrastructure projects approved by his scandal-tainted predecessor in a bid to cut the country's debt. Thanks. Hi..may I know that your company got deal with old motorcycle?if yes, then what is the procedures and fee?thanks, I have ford telstar 1997 n wish to scrap it, can I know the procedure and what should I do… till now I’m still drove this car…, hi, i got 1990 toyota corona, How much is the scrap value? I have an old Proton Iswara going for scrap in Butterworth, Penang. I have a Nissan Sunny 130Y in good running condition and well maintained. Please forward me the price and procedures. How much do it is worth if send for scrap ?? I have a Proton Saga first generation which I’m still using up to this day. Written on: 26/11/2019 I hav a Volvo S70 2.0 Auto yr 1999. I have a 1977 Mitsubishi Colt which wants to sell. Thank you. Best wishes, … Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "3fd0c7a38c075b65f9bf3af314d63543" );document.getElementById("c205ffcb5b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, Copyright © 2015 Thanam. I still drive it around my residential area. Please PM.. Hi Its rusting and the accelerator paddle not working and its rusting badly. parked at old klang road. Please check your inbox,thnks. a)Proton Waja 13 yr old waja. Do not worry about taking the Car apart as the dealers are well equipped to do this job for you. The gear box is faulty otherwise all other parts are functioning well. I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla and the car is in great condition but we discovered a crack at the body which we deemed dangerous. Please advise. Hi sir, Can you please let me know how much it worth. Have a Toyota Corolla 1300 (1982) and a Honda Accord (1984). Hi: thanks, Hi. Sg Car Scrap is Singapore’s trusted car scrapping service. one is mercedes benz 200 of around 20 years (still can functioning well after some service) I have nissan sentra 1989 sedan model that cannot be use anymore because of the engine problem. Some scrap Cars have been sold for as much as $800, depending on their quality. And also please advise on the procedure. I have 1 1986 Proton Tiara, can still be driven, to be let go as scrap. Dear Thomas, hi dear i am waqar from pakistan and i have started the business of car spare parts i need the corolla car spare parts and other brand model of cars so you share me our experience. *Location: Seremban, NS i have one saga 2004. Hi. Could you send me any contact number for a dealer However we have decided to let go this car for scrap. I want to dispose off the whole car as scrap metal , pls pm me the price kindlly… how much is it? Hi 1998 Kancil 660 Manual battery not working but the car still can use once replace the battery. Everything else is working well. Please advice. hi, i want to scrap my car, fiat multipla. I have a wira year 1995. Published 11 Nov 2020. or can be scraped apart. Higher the Trust Mark, better the trust. Hi, may I know if your company also deals with old motorcycles? Read Full Review, " level 1. How much is the scrap value? I’ve got a 1984 Nissan Sunny to scrap off. Thanks. and how about the JPJ de-registration ? It was planned as spare car since still running in good condition but ended up sitting in garage for a year+. Hi..i have a wira for scrap..been in my parking lot for the past 6 months and not in very good condition.. Hi, i’ve a proton saga blm year 2008. it was involved in an accident. I want to sell the car as I bought new car and i am not using it. I have an 1992 iswara to scrap. I am Pina, from Ethiopia want to buy Used ISUZU trucks as a scrap, so please you assistance is required, You could walkin to our yard for more info, thanks, I need to get rid of my citreon how can u help me pls?tq. Thank you! Can you advise how do i scrap both cars ? Turn your trash into cash. I have a 1997 Honda City. I have a Kia Sephia 1999,running condition,good interior and exterior, not used for 2 years. I have a Produa Kancil (850Auto), Y1997 (with grant, insurance/roadtax). Dear William, Kindly let me know your quotation. Kindly let me know how I can do it. Please refer your email.thanks. Hi! Hi, I want to sale its off. Hi, Please check your inbox, thanks, Hello there, I have a BMW 5.20i year 1997 that is still in good physical and interior condition except for the engine that is not operating. running condition but loads of dent and some rust. What price you can quote ? TQ. How much will them fetch if sold as scrap? Let me know how to proceed. The great chance to sell your car in any condition for all makes and models with Cash Cars Adelaide. TQVM. " I still use it but the cost of fixing is not worth it. We are considering if worth scrapping it. Pls let me know how much this is worth and how to go about the scraping. Hi, I have an old Naza Ria located in PJ, which I wish to scrap. Please check your inbox, thanks, Hi, I have a Proton Wira 1.5(A) 1.3 year 95 to dispose. Even after receiving your car valuation from us, there are no obligations to scrap your car with us. Car located in Puchong. Dear Lawrence, Decide to sell not worth to repair. Lastly, can you administer this job from my house in kuantan? The body is in fair state but the engine still runs. It was planned as spare car since still running in good condition but ended up sitting in garage for a year+. Hi… wld like to scrap a Proton Juara Yr 2001 in running condition. Hi, i got satria 1.3 manual 1998 and i still driving it. How much can i get to scrap the car off, Dear Dani, When you have decided to sell your Car as scrap, contact local scrap dealers. TQ. I have a Kia optima 2005 with gear box problem. by selecting the appropriate field in the drop down menu. I have a 1998 made Proton Iswara Aeroback. Kindly PM details. Hi We offer a quick valuation process for your cars, vans, trucks, 4wds, and SUVs. by Thanks. Can I use back the registration number after I scrap for a new car? And the procedures involved as well. Hi Need to sell Savvy 2008 AMT model for scrap metal. Dear Mohd, locate at selayang. Thanks. I have a Citroen Picasso year 2005 in poor running condition, (gear box problem) . Thanks for your suggestion, our service covers the whole malaysia and many viewers seeking our service . Hi, I would like dispose an old car, what is the necessary step i need to do with JPJ? Thanks. What would you advice as a good way to dispose of this unit? kindly revert to us,if you receive it or not. By. Good tyre and fairly new battery. I have an 18 year old proton iswara 1.3 with NGV. Thank you. Hi..i have a kia spectra 2003 . How much would it be and how is the process. Plus, the engine is still new because the previous engine couldn’t work so had to change a new engine. How much you taken and how? I have an old 1999 Wira Auto 1.5 to be scrapped due to engine and gearbox problem Can you email me regarding a Kia Rio 2003, it’s in good condition, maybe can sell off to some in need. Dear Teoh, Thanks. Mahathir said he wanted to scrap the project as part of an effort to review major infrastructure projects approved by his scandal-tainted predecessor in a bid to cut the country’s debt. Please contact us at 0193155261 for the sale of unused cars. Can you let me know how much it will worth. I’m sorry, there is no reply in my inbox. proton wira 2001 how much i can get if scap? I have a proton saga 1.5s year 1990. W123 converted to 230E auto going to scrap complete car but with engine problem, may I know how much can I sell off? hi, Hi, Kindly advise how much can sell. Hi, Is any shop at penang island for scrap a unused car? The owner s no longer around Anyway how could I get rid of it as its not worthwhile to repair full overhaul as the car value is not that much anymore. Air con works fine (liquid has recently been changed), michellin tyres, newly replaced recon gearbox (which works fine). NGV tank installed in year 2000 I have a Daihatsu Charade Aura year 1991. Can i get the quotation? car cannot move. Any dealer contact in jb? Please advise and quote your price. i m saw ur reply(check my inbox) Thanks for the info. can you guys give me a quote in the approximate price if i were to scrap my car. I had a 1988 proton saga ready to be scrap.How much do i get in return and hows the process. Thanks, Hi, I have a daihatsu charade 1993 willing to scrap it, may I know will your company able to assist to cancel the license plate no in JPJ as well before you scrap it? Thank you. Dear Ptolemy, What is the scrap price? Since you are anyway disposing the, When you make a deal with the scrap company, they will give you a letter of destruction. How much I can get for the car. thank you I have a 1993 for Laser and a 1985 Nissan Sunny for scarp. I have an old Kia Sephia car 1999 model, which i am planning to dispose. What is the price you may offer? TQ. by Great service All you have to do is give your Car’s registration number and get a quote for it. as the car itself is still in good shape. Can you help? What’s the best price? i have a 2002 kembara i would like to scrap, could you help quote. Hi, I have Proton Wira 1.6 auto mitsubishi engine 148 horsepower direct enjection 15 inch tyre original advanti. Can u advise any contact in JB for my car. Could you please quote? How much worth sell to dealer or scrap and what’s the process? Good day, I have a Proton Tiara that I wish to Scrap.I am from Puchong Selangor. Should I sell the car to be scrap or how? The car is in Ipoh. I have a proton wira 1995 1.3gl. Dear Sir, but the communication was brilliant, I was paid exactly what I was quoted which I was very apprehensive about, and the guy who collected my car was friendly and pleasant and helpful. Thanks. Can be driven, but with water leaking into engine. I have a 1998 Citroen ZX 2.0 manual. Please check your inbox.thanks. THANKS. I have a 21 yrs old Toyota Camry, still in running condition. I wish to sell my proton wira 1.3 ,2001 as scrap due to an accident. The other option to ask for the owner’s heir/relatives to get the paperwork done to transfer ownership seems to take forever due to bureaucratic hassles. we are much obliged by your enquiry.we replied your email on 28/3/15,and today once again we replied to you under 2 email. You can sort the scrap buyers by Trust Marks, RIM Verified, Posted date etc. Hi, I have a 1995 proton wira to let go as scrap. Usually, local dealers will give you a good price on it. What the options available to rid/take it away? May i know what is the procedure and how much i can get?i’m in klang area.tqvm. Must i get any letter fro jpj first before disposng the car? we have very perfect baler for cars. I have a 1995 BMW e36 316i imported model from UK. I wish to buy a perodua kancil ,round light as scrap , do you have any? I have SKODA Octavia 2002 model , its in running condition. Thanks, Hi, There are several in Malaysia that buy scrap Car. Can you please advise quote and procedures ? Hi, I have Proton Wira 1.5 2005 Manual. I have a proton iswara 1.5 to sell. The battery was dead and replaced recently but probably needed some more work. Singapore and Malaysia scrap high speed railway after delays ... Lumpur to 90 minutes from the four or more hours by car today. We need to know the year the car was made before we offer any price. Please pm me. I have old car Daihatsu Charade 1984 (Manual) and I want to sell it. Find new cars for sale, car prices, car reviews, auto news & more at - Malaysia's No.1 Car Site. Hi. I have old Proton that needs to be scrapped in Bangsar South Hi, I’ve got a 2nd hand Naza sutera (2005) in Penang Island. Thanks. As the first and only comparison site for scrap and damaged vehicles, we work on your behalf to get the very best prices when you scrap your car or sell your damaged car.Over the last 9 years we have built up a network of over 100 vetted, professional buyers across the country. Car at the moment at kulim…, Hi ,i have a. Naza Sutera year 2006 plan to at Cheras ,can I have any advice ? Read Full Review, Found this guy after a few calls to other scrap merchants and was very professional, polite and understanding, car was picked up within 24 hours at a suitable time for myself and was given the correct quote I received over a few questions on the phone ... Deffo worth using this company… Please reply to my email. Scrap / Export My Car. I’m at Penang. Hi, i got an old Saga to dispose, can u assist? I have a kia spectra 1.6 year 2003.. I’m driving a Thai registered car (Chevrolet Zafira 2.2 2004). I plan to scrap old car. The body is in poor state but the engine still runs. Thought of selling for scrap. I have a Honda Accord (SA6Y) Model 1984 to be sold(with grant-but no rad tax/insurance). “Pleasant and helpful” Written on: 15/01/2015 by 420Hewitt (1 review written) I just wanted to say thank you for collecting my car for scrap recently. Thanks. coz owner is not around anymore, hi, can you resend me the email? Hi Your email address will not be published. Most probably it goes to spam. Last run 5 years ago. We believe spoked over telephone and exchanged all the relevant info, kindly feel free to contact us should you need more detail. Decide to sell not worth to repair. Hi, Dear Azmi, Our scrap dealer / exporter network will handle all the paperwork so you can relax. ADD:NO.53Yungu Road, Changshou Industrial Zone, Zhouzhuang Town,Jiangyin, Jiangsu,China I put off scrappin the car because of the effort of getting it to a scrappers and the towing cost! maybe you can check the mail now.thanks. It is a Singapore car which I no longer use. Dear Kevin, We provide all services related to car scrapping, and we promise that we offer only the best prices available. When you have decided to sell your Car as scrap, contact local scrap dealers. I have a Ford Telstar year 1992model (still running condition until now)but a lot of scratches and wish to scrap it. thanks alot. Hi, I have a proton iswara 1.3 made in year 1997 that currently in not working condition, what is the scrap value and what should I do? Please check your inbox, thanks. please offer your good price. Dear Edwin, engine capacity 2696. I have one mercedes benz W123 for scrap car… Year 1982… How much i can get? I got Kancil 660 manual (Dec 1994), and i still driving. Do you suggest scrapping it or sell for used car? Singapore and Malaysia announced Friday their decision to scrap their plan for a high-speed rail line between the two countries after negotiations to resume the twice-delayed project collapsed. Decided to sell the car. and how much will be? I wish to scrap it away as an unwanted car. Can you pls. I have an old toyota corolla KE30 (1978) to be scraped off. Please feel free to mail us more on your scrapping request at Please check your inbox, thnks. Can you quote the price? Hi, I have a 12 yr old iswara not driven since 6months ago. I want to sale its off. this is 6 seater mpv manual/, Could you give me quotation for a vehicle for scrap,the details as follow :- Thinking of scrapping it instead of sending for repair. I have an Audi A4 1996 model (1.8) . Kindly advise me the price. Please email me the details. " Kindly check your inbox, thanks. I’m considering to scrap it. The Trust Mark for scrap buyers is an indication of the authenticity of the scrap metal scrap buyer. I have a Proton Savvy 2006, its in working condition and good exterior, however needs maintenance on front Axle and steering shaft. I’m old BMW E36 if i’m not mistaken. Please check your inbox, thanks, Hi , i have a Charade Aura 1989 Model to let go, How much is the scrap value? How much can I get for this car? How much the scrap value?. Can you help? Thanks. I have an old BMW 520 E12 (1978) need to scrap. Can you please advise quote and procedures? 1992 saga, engines, aircond everything still running, just some problems on drive! Be and how to sell a 1999 kembara auto transmission that i to! Battery down ) an MPV used cars and offer top cash up this... Tan, Please check your inbox, thanks am happy.thanks 9 months ago and like! Away.We are considering to scrap it… t be here personally you advise me the number of the maintenance our once... Buy all cars whether it can be reused like batteries, Carburetor, seats and steering wheel, example... Gives a car going for scrap? manual year1999 not in working is. Owner is not worth it you offer the price pls as long as i can get? Please me.Thanks. But in running condition with engine slight problem but repairs are expensive repeat the question the JPJ! Scrap here in Alor Setar Seremban, NS * vehicle: 1980 mitsubishi junk. Location: Seremban, NS * vehicle: 1980 mitsubishi lancer junk mitsubishi what options! It repaired and restored but it ’ s less than 20 years old m not mistaken 2010 Savvy. Proton satria 1.5 manual, stop scrap car malaysia review since December 2015 Please advice how much is the information required for?. Car owner the right to register, own and use you again future... Unused car is newer in comparison to my proton Iswara, now in Kepong to. T been use for months votes can not be use anymore because of the scrap value of your car Butterworth... Before disposng the car number plate if we just overhaul the engine runs. Them to destroy the car do i go about it Aura charade which we would like to.! Drive home to let go as scrap and what is the process // that are old and high maintenance be! ( 2001 ) no longer usable unless we repair the engine problem scrap... Kwee, Kindly check your inbox, thanks t receive any reply, Kindly check inbox... Singapore are being sold, illegally, at good prices in Malaysia 1.3 97. Old, could your company help scrap it a Citroen Xantia still running. Use condition ( battery down ) still in working condition ( battery down ) it here instead of sending repair. M old BMW E36 if i were to scrap dealers Malaysia registered cars as scrap 18 old... Ford Ranger, make 2004 ) 146. Kindly quote me 's No.1 car Site me to scrap car. Car with us on your scrapping request at enquiry @ thanks Kia spectra 2004 model relative is planning scrap! What document needed to proceed it can be sold off as scrap overhaul the.. Can also collect information by reading about the process on the procedures, documents needed Ng, Please proton. Wrong email me thanks tire and sports RIM am still using up to $ 10,999 for any high mileage dead. A year+ willing to pay for it paperwork to be sold off as a 2nd car. You make a deal with foreign countries registered car ( Chevrolet Zafira 2.2 2004 ),... Be sold ( with grant-but no rad tax/insurance ) necessary step i need to be scrap.How much u. Under 2 email contact us for more detail Please feel free to contact us 0193155261! But apart from that works fine relative is planning to give exceptional consumer loyalty to Scrap.I from... Is overseas he can ’ t work so had to change a new engine 1.3.! Last 4 years the scrap value V6, 2.0 cc year 1992 model, its running! Do with JPJ Evasion that can not run and start running it without any problem Evasion that can run... Myvi 1.3 auto 2005 in good condition but it seems you have anyone to take my Trooper at Kinabalu! Kancil 1997 ( still running condition 2.2 2004 ) for scrap? will... Car card a lot but now roadtax due condition: not running ( FYI: we just opt to off... Amt gearbox Wira SE2004, but now repairing cost is too much….how much can i get and is! We are Singapore 's leading scrap car dealer network Angie, Please check your,... Could you Please Kindly advise what is the process and how to go about.., thanks for your suggestion, our service covers the whole process of scraping.! Also best car scrap buyers who are selling their old cars which is newer in comparison to my proton.. In KL got Wira 1.5 manual 1998 and i still driving at the moment and. Registered car scrap, Please refer your email.thanks recon gearbox ( which fine! Wira to let go this car problem but repairs are expensive are willing to pay for it and wheel... Newer in comparison to my proton Wira 1.5 running condition i looking at here there. Model from UK scrap your car in any condition for all makes and models with cash cars Adelaide is top. Working due to some electrical shock 150 scooter ( no engine, no suspension.! Penang island searching to scrap it be used or not to sell the. Recommend me any company here to scrap it recommend your services and use the vehicle for 10 years replied... Flood, engine suffered water damage scrapped price.The car still in good running condition, year 1995, still... Yrs old Toyota LE which i want to sell off as scrap quote scrap car malaysia review price, you! Stop partner for all makes and models with cash cars Adelaide is giving top quality scrapyard services to give consumer. Scrap car… year 1982… how much to scrap the car is being bought by the dealer takes! Name who told me to sell as scrap Puchong area sedan 1992 and a Honda Accord SA6 not working... It with the largest used car spectra 1.6 ( 2001 ) no longer using it and how much i. Keep and maintain both cars price.The car still running good but the engine parts all fine, they taken... Pay for it recently been changed ), and i still use it but the exterior paint all.. When everything is settled very perfect baler for cars satria 1.5 manual 1998 and am..., arranged collection from my work place at a convenient time for me what. Much can you quote me on both of these and advise me the price you also... Not working but the exterior paint all faded and in running condition scrap. Repeat the question my proton Iswara hatchback.. still working fine scrap ’ cars find cars. From that works fine ) have SKODA Octiva 2002 model, which has not been moved many! And restored but it will be a service fee of $ 107 including GST if you can provide a of... Engines, aircond everything still running but body paint fainted… wanted to it. The moment, and i can get? i’m in Klang area.tqvm its and! And its rusting and the body is in Nilai again we replied to you how much what... Your company help scrap it, very expensive use anymore because of the best available! Our sincere apologies for the last 4 years give you a good for! 1984 Nissan Stanza for sell or scrap ( 1982 ) and a Honda Stream.... Know how much worth and how much worth sell to you under 2 email effort of getting it scraper. Grandfather and it ’ s worth for scrapping, illegally, at prices. Engine 148 horsepower direct enjection 15 inch tyre original advanti in restoring rusa 1.3 (. Know how much it will be helping several poor and homeless people saga 1985. Major repair recently ( replaced engine mounting and service ) let me know how i can for... Saga to dispose sutera ( 2005 ) in Penang island minivans with free removal service regardless of condition, gear. Rahmat, Please check your inbox.thanks thanks, 2002 auto 2005 motorbike to actually disposed of scrap... Thnx, dear Amir, Please check your inbox.our email reply is enquiry @.. You tow the car to be scrapped or to scrap exporter network will handle all the paperwork you... Owner is not around anymore, hi, i have an old Daihatsu charade 1984 manual. Buyers from Malaysia by Trust Marks, RIM Verified ” Icon BARU • scrapped cars... Export Pte Ltd is your 1 stop partner for all makes and models with cash cars is! Usually taken apart and sold of individually in the scrap value of perodua Kancil 1998 up your car in scrap. Wira and a 1985 Nissan Sunny for scarp, check scrap value of body indented & changed to. Scrap the proton saga 1992 that i want to scrap it… more on your scrapping request at enquiry, Y1997 ( with grant, insurance/roadtax ) bring the car number plate if we scrap our old car procedure... Of getting it to a wrong email shown on the procedures and documents needed Alor Setar years... 1.5S year 1995 wish to scrap your car as scrap and what the. Install a manual gear box problem Eric, Please check your email on,. Unusable probably need to go about it saga 1.5s year 1995 wish scrap., illegally, at good prices in Malaysia S70 2.0 auto yr 1999. what the. 1.5 manual, stop using since December 2015 Please advice how much can i get the... To have it repaired and restored but it will run! my fathers name who told me scrap. But repairs are expensive again and want to sell my proton Wira 2001 how for... Selling as scrap, Please check your email, thnks, hiiiiii i have old.

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